40 The Best Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40 With Thin Hair


The best thing to do when it is to avoid hair that is incredibly thin and to keep hair within an appropriate length. For instance, women should avoid full on cornrows and be aware that other styles such as pulling back or afro style hair can actually make your thin hair look even thinner. For women that have thin hair, people will begin to associate you with a problem rather than the image you portray. A good way to counter this is to avoid wearing jewelry that is so pointed that the point of the jewelry can even start to make your face appear larger.

You should also avoid using blow drying techniques that are harsh. For instance, hair is something that cannot simply be wiped out of your face. It is a good idea to use a blow dryer that is not as hot and to use a heat protector. You should avoid styling tools that have a much rougher finish because you want to preserve the natural beauty of your hair.


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